Why Join the Program?

The YELD Mentorship Program is YELD’s six-months flagship program aimed at helping micro and small enterprises to scale up through customized one-on-one business-specific mentorship coupled with training, coaching, and advisory services offered by experienced mentors and advisors. The program targets  self-employed youth entrepreneurs running startups whose goal is to join SMEs category. It is also designed to support ready-to-launch ventures at various stages of the entrepreneurial process. It offers entrepreneurs practical guidance in their entrepreneurial journey, from identifying a market opportunity to developing a business model to learning how to launch and pitch their venture for funding goal. Entrepreneurs will examine the critical customer-facing and operational aspects of laying out a business model, as well as the activities related to launching a venture and achieving product-market fit. The program offers insight into how to best contribute unique talents and skills, and engage with the nuances of putting together a founding team. 

Aimed at those planning, or currently involved in the early stages of a new business venture, this program offers comprehensive guidance throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Aspiring or first-time entrepreneurs seeking to develop their business idea will benefit from the support and feedback of like-minded professionals and leading mentors and creative advisers. Participants will gain essential skills for how to effectively present and prepare their venture as they take the next steps in their business. Intrapreneurs within an organization will learn to exploit new opportunities for value creation to create competitive advantage through new products and services.