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Advisory Board Membership Registration

Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (“YELD”) invites volunteer industry leaders to join its Advisory Board. This Advisory Board Membership Application must only be submitted upon request and invitation from YELD.

YELD Advisory Board/Committee Legal Status and Purpose

YELD advisory board is a volunteer group formed to give advice and support to the Board of Directors and executive staff. The advisory board/committee brings unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the YELD Board of Directors in order to more effectively guide YELD in attaining its charitable cause. YELD advisory board has no governing power or fiduciary responsibility. Furthermore, YELD advisory board/committee does not have formal legal responsibilities or decision-making authority and cannot issue directives that must be followed; that’s the Board of Directors’ prerogative.

YELD advisory board has no authority to act on behalf of the organization and that its recommendations are not binding. Hence, YELD advisory board members cannot be held legally responsible/liable for YELD’s decisions or actions. Membership is voluntary and can be terminated by the Executive Director.

YELD’s intended purpose for the advisory board is to leverage its expertise and philanthropic networks to meet its resourcing needs.

Advisor Duties & Requirements

As part of this application and agreements herein, Advisor should:

  • Help YELD to succeed by supporting its initiatives.
  • Protect the YELD brand and its reputation.
  • Be positive toward and protect YELD and its members.
  • Share growth and improvement ideas.
  • Adopt a charitable attitude and be willing to help YELD fundraise and mobilize resources.
  • Provide expert advice and support to the CEO and executive staff.
  • Be willing to facilitate training sessions for YELD mentees.
  • Respond to occasional inquiries from YELD regarding Advisor expertise and contacts.
  • Deliver honest, frank advice.
  • Attend Advisory Board/Committee meetings as agreed upon with the Executive Director.
  • Abide by YELD rules and Code of Ethics.
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