YELD Mentee Registration

Goal of the Mentorship Program

The goal of the YELD Mentorship Program is to match the expertise and interests of our volunteer mentors and technical advisors to the expressed needs of the entrepreneur who requires assistance in improving business operations and profitability.

Who can be Guided and Helped?

Must be youth-owned enterprises registered in Kenya that need advisory support, training, and mentorship. YELD will consider startup businesses owed by adults, but the ratio must not exceed 30% since our focus is the youth comprising 70% of beneficiaries. YELD mentee is a receiver of information, accepting the free advice and mentoring while ensuring not to exploit the mentor’s time.

Role of the Mentee

  • Make an intentional commitment to work with a mentor
  • Assume an active role in a mentoring partnership, initiating contact as necessary
  • Draft an annual, monthly, and weekly action plan and share it with your mentor
  • Notify YELD when the mentoring relationship is unproductive due to the mentor’s incompetence. This should be done by filling out the feedback form accessible on our website.
  • Share  financial and operational goals, strategies, and company status with the mentor
  • Must be willing to develop a business plan before the program kick-off
  • Investigate potential solutions to business challenges prior to involving the mentor
  • Learn from the constructive feedback of a mentor’s experience
  • Assume responsibility for making all final decisions related to your business as well as for the consequences of your decisions
  • Be considerate of the mentor’s time
  • Accept or refuse the mentor’s advice, realizing that the mentor will not be liable for advice given in good faith

Expectations and Responsibilities of the Mentee

  • Submit a completed Mentee Registration Form
  • Operate within the stated parameters of YELD legal and ethical policies
  • Accept no financial investment from the mentor. All financial investments are approved and directed by YELD Advisory Board.
  • Be punctual and prepared during all scheduled sessions with mentors, advisors, and YELD in-house meetings.
  • Ensure you have stable internet for smooth conversation during all sessions.
  • Discuss with the mentor your personal expectations regarding the frequency of communication.
  • Reply to telephone and/or email messages from the mentor within two business days
  • Provide feedback on your mentoring relationship by completing the Mentee Feedback Form.
  • Report mentors’ and advisors’ unethical behavior.
  • Contact the YELD Project Coordinator with any concerns regarding your mentorship relationship

What are the Benefits for the Mentee?

  • Receive support and advice on financial, technical, legal, or any other general issue.
  • Learn business strategies and techniques from a mentor with experience.
  • Increase your awareness through the sharing of information.
  • Access to timely information regarding business financing and grant opportunities.


Roles and Responsibilities

I agree to participate as a mentee in the YELD Mentorship Program. I will openly share my business issues and ideas with my mentor and with individuals associated with the program. I understand that my mentor and other individuals associated with the program will use their best judgment when advising me about my business. I willingly commence a relationship with my mentor that shall not create any fiduciary or other obligation with respect to any outcomes of the advice or assistance provided.


I understand that confidentiality is important to developing a trusting mentoring relationship. I agree to maintain the confidentiality of the personal and business experiences provided by my mentor. I understand that due care will be taken to protect all reports, plans and other material I provide to my mentor and to YELD, and that my ideas, business and personal affairs will not be discussed outside of YELD without my explicit consent.

Conflict of Interest

I understand that my mentor or any YELD staff, agent or YELD Steering Committee member may not hold any direct or indirect financial interest in my business. I will report any real, potential or perceived conflict of interest, personal interest or competitive position of my mentor or others involved with YELD to the YELD Project Coordinator.

Time Commitment

I will respond to my mentor’s telephone and email messages as quickly as possible, preferably within three business days. I understand that regular communication will help my mentor and I develop a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Relationship Management

I agree to communicate professionally with my mentor and the YELD Coordinator, and follow general etiquette rules. I further agree to attempt to work through any relationship conflicts that may arise with my mentor. If my mentor and I are unable to maintain a beneficial working relationship within the context of the program, I will advise the YELD Coordinator.


I understand that YELD will follow up with telephone and email exchanges between my mentor and myself in order to evaluate and make improvements to the YELD Mentorship Program. To further facilitate and encourage program enhancement, I agree to complete a Mentee Feedback Form.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

I understand and do hereby confirm that any advice, communication, suggestion or intervention received from a mentor, professional, agent and/or staff of YELD, is offered on an advisory basis only, which I am free to accept or reject.

Consequently, I alone shall bear complete and sole responsibility for any decision I make resulting from my participation in the YELD Mentorship Program.

I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify any mentor, professional, agent, and/or staff of YELD, its officers, board members, and staff, from any claim, recourse, and/or right of action resulting from my participation in the YELD Mentorship Program.

YELD Mentee Registration Form

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