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To enhance our mentorship effectiveness, YELD fosters continuous improvement through data collection and analysis from program beneficiaries (mentees). This helps us make evidence-based decisions that bolster our strategic focus.

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Implementation of the YELD Mentorship Program draws help from a dedicated volunteer team of mentors, advisors, strategic partners, and support personnel sourced locally and internationally. Mentors and advisors are required to have at least five solid years of professional business running experience, either as a senior executive or proof of business ownership as an accomplished entrepreneur.
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The YELD Mentorship Program

The next cohort of the YELD Mentorship Program will run for six months commencing 1st June to 30th November 2024. The program is a hands-on entrepreneurship masterclass aimed at upscaling micro, small and medium enterprises through customized business-specific; one-on-one mentorship coupled with entrepreneurial training, entrepreneurial coaching, and technical business advisory offered by experienced world-class mentors and advisors. Program participation is 100% free; the only cost is time commitment and discipline to stay the course. Click on the APPLY NOW button to learn the full criteria and fill out the form for consideration. 

YELD Mentorship Program Funding Justification

According to the research conducted by VC4A in 2019, 72% of the Kenya ventures are creating jobs with an average of 5.5 full-time employees per venture. When taking a further look at the age groups, 72% of them are between 18 and 35 years. On a more positive note, it’s estimated that these start-ups raised Sh 43.5 billion ($428.91 million) in 2019 alone. This is a considerable contribution to the Kenyan economy given its growing population and justifies further investment in the growth and development of the startup ecosystem and the support for youth entrepreneurship. Going by the 2019 population and census results, the youth in Kenya comprise 75% of the total population. Contrastingly, the Business Call to Action estimates youth unemployment in Kenya to be as high as 35%, compared to the overall national unemployment rate of 10%. Furthermore, 80% of unemployed Kenyans are under the age of 35. Worse still, fewer than 10% of startups survive beyond the first 1,000 days from their inception. The odds seem to be against young founders, as statistics show that business owners aged below 30 are twice more likely to fail. To change these odds, YELD Mentorship Program is an unequaled feasible intervention at the most critical time. Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD Kenya) proposed solution to the double-crisis of high unemployment and business mortality rates is a program dubbed “YELD Mentorship Program” aimed at guiding Kenyan youth entrepreneurs towards avoiding common pitfalls and building sustainable enterprises in the context of a changing economy. The mentorship program feeds into YELD’s overall objective to alleviate poverty and unemployment through youth entrepreneurial mentorship, entrepreneurial advocacy, and leadership development.

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Are you a budding youth entrepreneur in Kenya trying to chart a successful business model? Join our mentorship program designed and perfected through consultations with business experts and seasoned entrepreneurs from across the globe. The YELD Mentorship Program will help you re-discover your entrepreneurial purpose, fulfill your potential and create the change you wish to see.

Whether it’s a startup with the potential to scale up, a niche business venture, or an initiative within a large corporation, launching a new enterprise can be full of uncertainty. Yet, with the right skills, insights, and guidance, businesses especially startups have a better chance of succeeding. Experience the transformative power of the YELD Mentorship Program by registering now.

Are you an industry expert passionate about youth economic empowerment and wondering how you can get involved? Join our Advisory Board and contribute to the success of our organization and youth entrepreneurs in Kenya.

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Are you a seasoned entrepreneur, a business coach, or a company executive and you would like an opportunity to lend your expertise and experience by mentoring a young entrepreneur and make a lasting impact?  The goal of the YELD Mentorship Program is to match the expertise and interests of our volunteer mentors with the expressed needs of the mentees who require assistance in improving their business operations. Join the community of our mentors and make lasting impact.  Join us by clicking the button below.